Daigo fractures finger ahead of Capcom Pro Tour Season Final match

The injury reportedly happened earlier this week.

Photo via Red Bull

Street Fighter legend Daigo Umehara briefly appeared on stream last night to talk with his chat, and in the process, casually confirmed he had suffered a fracture in his left pinky finger. 

This was confirmed by FGC Translated, who uploaded a translated version of the stream to YouTube today. 

Daigo, who’s set to compete in a showmatch against Tsunehiro “gachikun” Kanamori today in the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final, showed that he is currently wearing a cast around the fractured finger, but it is set to be removed tomorrow. 

He said he broke it on Friday after slipping and falling, though he provided no further details on how the injury occurred. He did say he received treatment at the hospital and that it is a little fracture.

Outside of some pain, he expects to be fully healed shortly, joking with his chat that it won’t take months like some of his viewers were suggesting based on the limited description. 

“I think it’ll be ok by Monday,” Daigo said. “But if it still hurts, I might not stream on the day of the update.” 

The update he is referring to is the new Street Fighter V: Champion Edition update tomorrow, which will add Dan and the new V-Shift mechanic, along with tons of other content to the game. Daigo originally planned to stream and break down the new content, but if he is still in pain, he will wait and do it later. 

He went on to watch SFV matches and commentate with friends, but didn’t play any himself. The only game he ended up playing after swapping from Twitch to Mildom, the main sponsor of his organization Team Beast, was Earth Defense Force on a normal PlayStation 4 controller with little difficulty. 

It is unclear how this might impact his performance or availability for the Capcom Pro Tour Final, but fans should find out more later today.