CEO Dreamland: Live results and standings

The show must go on, at least this time.

Image via CEO

CEO Dreamland is well underway and could be the last Super Smash Bros. Major for several months due to the coronavirus outbreak forcing other big tournaments to shut down or postpone their dates indefinitely. 

Because of COVID-19 concerns, there were more than a hundred players that dropped out of the event, leaving a wide open bracket for the remaining top players to dominate and some smaller competitors to potentially rise the ranks. 

Originally, CEO Dreamland would have been an S-Tier on the PGR and a Gold-tier tournament for the Smash World Tour on both the Melee and Ultimate side. Now there are less top players to watch and several newer faces that will be making it into top cut. 

So if you want to keep track of each bracket and see who ends up on top, here is a list of the final standings for each of CEO Dreamland’s main events. 

Ultimate Singles

2ndKolawole “Kola” Aideyan$1,012
3rdZack “ZD” Darby$759
5th-6thAaron “dyr” Wilhite$253
5th-6thGakuto “Gackt” Ito$253
7th-8thJonathan “Venia” Grullon$126.50
7th-8thGabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero$126.50

Ultimate Doubles

PlacePlayer One Player TwoPrize
1stMarssShintaro “Kuro” Kakihara$770
2ndAlan “Gen” SorianoKolawole “Kola” Aideyan$308
3rdGabriel “Epic_Gabriel” RomeroMVD$200.20
4thKobe “Kobe” MurrayBrian “Benny&TheJets” Navarro$107.80
5th-6thWilliam “Thexan” JoyceAlexis “Goblin” Stennett$46.20
5th-6thGakuto “Gackt” ItoMao$46.20
7th-8thAndre “WonderBread” Parrales-MelendezTommy “Ryo” Janky$30.80
7th-8thJoshua “ZekeTRP” RodriguezDaniel “stilios” Fernandez$30.80

Melee Singles

2ndColin “Colbol” Green$410
4thJason “Gahtzu” Diehl$143.50
5th-6thBenjamin “Chef Ranch” Rachman$61.50
5th-6thBrandon “Panda” Orooji$61.50
7th-8thLeighton “Leighton” Ivy$41
7th-8thKyle “Krudo” Krudo$41

Melee Doubles

PlacePlayer One Player TwoPrize
1stHungryboxKilmer “mayb” Varela$300
2ndJoshua “Harriet” HsuColin “Colbol” Green$125
3rdn0neBenjamin “Chef Ranch” Rachman$75
4thLuke “Soap” StevensAustin “Austintacious” BurchN/A
5th-6thGraham “HiFi” TimothyIan “Slipnslide” MacNeillN/A
5th-6thChristopher “Ober” RodbourneAlexander “Komodo” NealN/A
7th-8thJordan “Aura” CarvajalDerek “Dawong” WongN/A
7th-8thKyle “Krudo” KrudoBrandon “Panda” Orooji N/A