Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online: Dates and times

When and where will Street Fighter competitions return?

Image via Capcom

Capcom is officially taking the top level of Street Fighter V completely online, transitioning the normal Pro Tour into the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online. 

Starting June 6, the Pro Tour will be split into 18 online regionals that will be held throughout the remainder of the year, with the winner of each tournament automatically qualifying for Capcom Cup 2020.

This means all previously listed Capcom Pro Tour events have been canceled, including premier tournaments, ranking events, and World Warrior events for the remainder of SFV competitive 2020 season. Likewise, Capcom Cup 2020 has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2021 to make time for this new format. 

In total, 20 players will be competing in the biggest SFV tournament of the year, with the 18 regional winners joining Capcom Cup 2019 Champion iDom at the event. The final spot will be decided by a community vote among the other 31 players who competed at the 2019 championship. 

As of now, the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online is set to begin in June and run through November, though the dates are still subject to change. But for now, here are all of the dates and times for all 18 regional tournaments that will be held throughout the remainder of the year. 


  • North America East One (Block B)
    • June 6 to 7
  • Europe East & Middle East One (Block F)
    • June 13 to 14
  • Asia South East One (Block G)
    • June 27 to 28


  • South America One (Block D)
    • July 4 to 5
  • Europe West One (Block E)
    • July 18 to 19
  • Asia East One (Block H)
    • July 25 to 26


  • Central America One (Block C)
    • Aug. 1 to 2
  • North America West One (Block A)
    • Aug. 15 to 16
  • North America East Two (Block B)
    • Aug. 29 to 30


  • Europe East & Middle East Two (Block F)
    • Sept. 12 to 13
  • Asia South East Two (Block G)
    • Sept. 19 to 20
  • South America Two (Block D)
    • Sept. 26 to 27


  • Europe West Two (Block E)
    • Oct. 10 to 11
  • Central America Two (Block C)
    • Oct. 17 to 18
  • Asia East Two (Block H)
    • Oct. 24 to 25


  • China (Block J)
    • Nov. 7 to 8
  • Australia (Block I)
    • Nov. 13 to 15
  • North America West Two (Block A)
    • Nov. 21 to 22

There is still some debate going on about which regions encompass some of the smaller regions that don’t get their own designated qualifier, but for now, these are all of the events listed on the official Capcom Pro Tour website

More information about tournament sign-ups, pool times, and stream content will be released closer to the launch of Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Online on June 6.