Capcom Fighting Collection will include 2 Darkstalkers titles never released in North America

Darkstalkers, Red Earth, Street Fighter, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo. Who could ask for more?

Image via Capcom

Capcom almost baited its fans before finally announcing Street Fighter 6. But getting a collection of retro fighting games to enjoy with rollback netcode on modern consoles ended up just being the icing on top of the hyped-up cake. 

The Capcom Fighting Collection will bring 10 classic Capcom fighting games to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and Steam on June 24, including two Darkstalkers titles that have never been officially released in North America—Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire.

In total, Capcom is frontloading the Fighting Collection with Darkstalkers, with Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge, Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire, Vampire Hunter 2, and Vampire Savior 2. With Hyper Street Fighter 2, the return of everyone’s beloved Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Red Earth, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix are also included. 

This will also be the first time players can officially enjoy Red Earth outside of arcades. 

As with every Capcom collection, the Fighting Collection will also include official art, concept art, design documents, and more than 400 music tracks from these games and their franchises. Additionally, fans can get excited to play online with rollback netcode, which Capcom confirmed will be available across all 10 games.