The ARMS 3.0 update will bring customizable controls and a new character

More information is still set to be revealed.

Image via Nintendo

The ARMS 3.0 update comes out later this month, but Nintendo has already revealed that it’ll include one of the game’s most requested features—customizable controls.

For the first time since the game’s release, ARMS players will finally be able to customize their in-game controls to make buttons do whatever actions they please. This is a well-received option in the FGC community, as some fans are unhappy with how certain crucial abilities, like blocking, are currently handled on a professional controller.

Additionally, there’s a new character coming with this update—Lola Pop. ARMS fans have known about Lola Pop since August, but recently, more information has been released about her future kit.

Lola Pop’s special ability allows her to turn into a balloon to increase her defensive capabilities. She can then quickly return to her normal form at the touch of a button to go straight back on the offensive.

By combining her defensive and offensive forms, players can create great counter-attack combos that can punish an overly-aggressive opponent. It’ll be interesting to see how well she is received when the update releases in the near future.

Lola Pop will also launch with three new weapon types, including a special nunchuk-like weapon that can curl to attack an enemy from behind.