Arc System Works pulls Guilty Gear Strive demo from Final Round 2020 due to coronavirus concerns

No hearts will be blazing at Final Round.

Image via Arc System Works

Final Round 2020 has not been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but Arc System Works will no longer be attending the event as a company, which means the Guilty Gear Strive demo isn’t going to be available either. 

Originally, Arc System Works was going to have a playable demo of the newest Guilty Gear game playable for the public at the tournament, along with a new set of character reveal trailers.

In a statement, Arc System Works pointed to the concerns around coronavirus as the reasoning for not sending any staff out to Final Round. 

“Due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19, we’re sorry to say we won’t be at Final Round 2020 and will not be showing the Guilty Gear Strive demo or the character reveal trailers,” Arc System Works said. “However, Final Round 2020 is still an official Arc World Tour 2020 Gold Event with tour points up for grabs.”

This means that players who planned to compete in Cross Tag or Granblue can rest easy knowing that the players who place in the top 25 will still receive AWT Points towards their season total. Final Round is set to be the start of the AWT 2020 on March 20, so there is a lot of weight behind the competition. 

You can find more information about Arc System Works’ plans for the year, including what events might have the Guilty Gear Strive demo playable for the public on the company’s official website.