All fighters in King of Fighters XV

The big initial drop with more to come in the future.

Screengrab via SNK

Since King of Fighters XV is not only the newest iteration of the franchise but is also SNK’s bid in bringing the game back into the mainstream across modern platforms, the cast reflects the developer’s efforts to combine the past, present, and future of the King of Fighters tournament. 

Even before the already confirmed DLC teams that will add iconic characters like Geese and Rock Howard to the game, KoF XV features a base roster of 39 characters split across 13 different unique teams. And, while these teams don’t mean much outside of the game’s story, the characters themselves and those combinations matter a great deal. 

Whether it be the return of the once thought dead Team Orochi trio after more than 25 years or the classic combinations of Team Fatal Fury and Team Ikari, KoF XV knows how to pay homage to the past. However, many of the teams have been swapped around, pairing fighters together for the first time. Isla, Dolores, and Krohnen McDougall have also been introduced to the franchise to push the narrative forward too. 

With two confirmed DLC teams and another two coming after that, KoF XV’s roster will end up being the biggest in the franchise’s history. Here is the entire roster for the game, split up by their teams and if they are included as DLC. 

Core Roster

  • Team Hero
    • Shun’ei
    • Meitenkun
    • Benimaru Nikaido
  • Team Sacred Treasures
    • Kyo Kusanagi
    • Iori Yagami
    • Chizuru Kagura
  • Team Fatal Fury
    • Terry Bogard
    • Andy Bogard
    • Joe Higashi
  • Team Orochi 
    • Yashiro Nanakase
    • Shermie
    • Chris
  • Team Art of Fighting
    • Ryo Sakazaki
    • Robert Garcia
    • King
  • Team Ikari
    • Leona Heidern
    • Ralf Jones
    • Clark Still
  • Team Secret Agent
    • Blue Mary
    • Vanessa
    • Luong
  • Team Super Heroine
    • Athena Asamiya
    • Mai Shiranui
    • Yuri Sakazaki
  • Team Galaxy Anton Wrestling (G.A.W.)
    • Antonov
    • Ramón
    • The King of Dinosaurs
  • Team Rival 
    • Isla
    • Heidern
    • Dolores
  • Team K’ 
    • K’
    • Maxima
    • Whip
  • Team Krohnen
    • Krohnen McDougall
    • Kula Diamond
    • Ángel
  • Team Ash
    • Ash Crimson
    • Elisabeth Blanctorche
    • Kukri

DLC Roster

  • Team Garou (March 2022)
    • Rock Howard
    • Gato
    • B. Jenet
  • Team South Town (May 2022)
    • Geese Howard
    • Billy Kane
    • Ryuji Yamazaki
  • Team 3 (Summer 2022)
    • TBA
  • Team 4 (Fall 2022)
    • TBA