All Character Variant skins available in MultiVersus

This is probably the first platform fighter to take alternate costumes to the next level.

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

As a free-to-play game, MultiVersus is in a unique place few other platform fighters have been in when it comes to features and mechanics. This includes the ways rewards, cosmetics, and other in-game items are distributed and obtained. 

One of the most coveted rewards in MultiVersus is the alternate costumes available for the characters included in the new fighting game franchise.

These costumes, called Character Variants, come in a variety of styles and can do more than just change the appearance of a fighter; MultiVersus costumes change the appearance of characters, can give them unique animations, and, in some cases, turn them into completely different characters from their shows by swapping out voice actors and lines. 

Because the game takes Character Variants so seriously, they are relatively hard to obtain outside of any offerings that may or may not be available in the shop. 

Regardless of how you unlock all of these Character Variants, starting with the game’s first open beta in July, the content will always be available on your account regardless of platform. This means you will be able to access your unlocked skins, animations, profile items, and more whenever you want. 

With that in mind, here are all of the Character Variants currently available in MultiVersus and how to unlock each of them, with updated information following each update to the game. 

How to unlock each Character Variant alternate skin in MultiVersus

Battle pass

  • Shaggy: Uncle Shagworthy
    • Premium Battle Pass Tier 1
  • Bugs Bunny: Bougie
    • Premium Battle Pass Tier 20
  • Tom & Jerry: Pirates
    • Premium Battle Pass Tier 35
  • Harley Quinn: Task Force X
    • Premium Battle Pass Tier 44
  • Jake: Cake the Cat
    • Premium Battle Pass Tier 50
  • Batman: Samurai
    • Free Battle Pass Tier 50

Other methods

  • Taz: Summertime Taz
    • Mastery Level 13 reward