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A person in an Imp costume from Final Fantasy 14's Make It Rain Campaign event peeks under the costume's headpiece while being cheered on by Gold Saucer attendants.
Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14: How to get the most out of the Make It Rain Campaign 2024

In case you're hurting for MGP after buying all those FF16 event items.

It’s that time of year again—Final Fantasy 14’s annual Make It Rain Campaign is here with a new quest and a full-body Imp mascot suit to use for goofy glams and costume parties. 

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The exclusive quest items are only ever a sidenote when it comes to these events. The main attraction is the massive 50-percent MGP bonus that lasts throughout the entirety of the event. There’s really never a better time to grind out MGP for that expensive mount or card you’ve had your eyes on forever. Here’s how to make the most of Final Fantasy 14’s 2024 run of the Make It Rain Campaign. 

How to maximize your MGP gains during the Make It Rain Campaign in Final Fantasy 14

A female Au Ra in a black suit stands in the main square of the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy 14, joyfully tossing a bunch of coins at the camera.
Time to get on that grindset. Screenshot via Dot Esports

Complete your Challenge Log

If you already use the Jackpot MGP buff on the regular—either via your Free Company or from the reward vouchers available in Squadron Missions—you might think that the Make It Rain bonus operates in the same manner and also excludes MGP earned from sources outside the Gold Saucer. 

The good and bad news is this is only half-true. Unfortunately for players, the bonus doesn’t apply to the Gold Saucer Cards you get from Wondrous Tails or grinding the Moogle Treasure Trove event. However, it does apply to your weekly Gold Saucer Challenge Log rewards, which are already the biggest source of MGP outside of special events. 

A thorough run of the Gold Saucer Challenge Log normally sums up to 90,000 MGP (95,000 if you somehow manage to complete the one Mahjong challenge). With the Make It Rain bonus, this becomes a whopping 135,000 MGP just for going through a list of objectives that are easily completed over the course of a week. Even if you don’t do the full list, there’s no reason not to knock out a few here and there between your daily roulettes. 

If you haven’t gotten around to unlocking all the Gold Saucer activities, there’s no better time than to do it now. The Lord of Verminion tutorial might be slow and unwieldy, but it’s easy enough to complete and more than worth the trouble for the potential of 27,000 MGP a week (40,500 during the Make It Rain Campaign). And while purchasing and registering a race Chocobo is a longer and more tedious process, Chocobo racing also offers a big Challenge Log reward; you might as well get it out of the way during the event, where the usual 26,000 MGP for completing all four racing challenges becomes 39,000 MGP a week. 

Stack on an additional MGP bonus

Another helpful way that the Make It Rain bonus differs from the usual MGP buff is that it doesn’t overwrite smaller bonuses the way that Jackpot III overwrites Jackpot I or II. It will actually stack with any iteration of the Jackpot buff, meaning that the maximum bonus you can get on Gold Saucer earnings during the event is 65 percent with the 15 percent from Jackpot III added on top. 

While an extra 10 or 15 percent might not seem like much, it isn’t nothing when it comes to big payouts like Fashion Report or potential Cactpot winnings. Not to mention, they still apply to the baseline payout from completing Gold Saucer activities for the Challenge Log, maximizing your MGP gain overall. This is especially helpful when it comes to completing GATEs, which can earn you an average of 3,000 to 4,000 MGP each on successful completion—the extra bonus from Jackpot adds up when you’re participating in five or more of them at a time. 

If you don’t have an FC—or your FC isn’t putting up Jackpot buffs—you can get the individual versions from Adventurer Squadrons. The Gold Saucer VIP Card—a consumable item that grants Jackpot III for two hours—is the guaranteed reward from the Priority Missions “Counter-Magitek Exercises” and “Black Market Crackdown.” Unfortunately, this does mean you have to unlock Adventurer Squadrons at your Grand Company if you haven’t already (as well as leveling them up until they can even go on Priority Missions). 

Be thorough

While you probably won’t skip out on high-reward activities like Fashion Report, you shouldn’t underestimate the little things—especially not when the Make It Rain Campaign is going on. The measly 2,500 MGP from the mini-game challenge logs might be dwarfed by the other rewards, but it turns into a 4,125 MGP reward with the event bonus and Jackpot III and can add up to a glam piece or Triple Triad card purchase. 

Additionally, the Mini-Cactpot scratch-offs aren’t to be ignored. While it’s possible to walk away with only a couple hundred extra MGP, you could also get lucky and earn upwards of 15,000 MGP per ticket. With three tickets available per day instead of week, the frequent daily chance at tens of thousands of MGP for just a few seconds of clicking is more than worth being diligent with. 

It might sound like penny-pinching, but every little bit counts when you’re saving up for expensive prizes like the 4 million MGP Blackjack mount. So take full advantage of the Make It Rain Campaign while you can: Fill out your challenge log, keep up extra buffs, do every activity available, and always check the Campaign Attendant to see which items are on event-exclusive discount before buying anything from the usual Prize Claim counter. 

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