Season 2 of Fall Guys will have nicknames, nameplates, community names, and more

New ways to express yourself are coming soon.

Image via Mediatonic

The second season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is quickly approaching and Mediatonic has released more details about what players can look forward to later this month, outside of continued shenanigans. 

Mediatonic already announced that it’s adding even more ways for fans to earn golden crowns so players can all enjoy the special cosmetics, like featured items and collaboration outfits. But now, we also know that new features are being added to give players ways to customize their names again. 

Not long after the game launched in August, Mediatonic removed individual usernames on PC because some players were abusing an exploit to break the UI and display offensive language. This hasn’t been resolved and players are still stuck with their names being Fall Guy and a random assortment of four numbers.

Season two will change that by adding in nicknames, nameplates, and special community names for players to choose from in the customization menu. 

Along with outfits and theatrics, players can now change their “interface,” which includes the ability to customize a player banner in a similar manner to that of Rocket League. Nicknames can also be selected and will be displayed underneath your username, which was still shown as Fall Guy plus numbers in the demonstration.

There have been no details shared about how the nicknames and banner customizables will be earned, but it’ll likely be a mix of completing certain challenges or doing specific things in the game or purchasing them in the shop. 

The devs have also confirmed that special, community nicknames will be implemented later. These are going to be unique, one-of-a-kind titles given to players within the community who do notable things, so some streamers are probably going to rack up meme titles pretty quickly. 

Season two is set to launch later this month, so get ready for the medieval fallout to drop sometime soon.