Ninja’s Fall Guys costume is now available for 2 crowns

The new skin is dominating lobbies.

Image via Mediatonic

Ninja’s Fall Guys costume arrived in the game’s store today, and fans can pick up the entire skin for just two crowns. 

The streamer teamed up with Mr. Beast, G2 Esports, and AimLab to bid $1,000,000 in the Fall GuysBattle of the Brands” competition in August, and each contributor earned an in-game skin. The money was donated to the U.K.-based charity Special Effect, which helps gamers with disabilities worldwide. 

Ninja’s skin is the first to appear in Fall Guys, and fans can now purchase the costume from the shop. Although the official Fall Guys Twitter originally previewed the outfit as costing 10 crowns, both pieces of the ensemble have joined the store for one crown each. Players will need only two crowns in total to represent their favorite streamer. 

The low cost is perfect for fans who struggle to win matches or don’t want to waste all of their crowns on the skin. Many players have already purchased the skin, and Mediatonic has posted several images of Ninja-filled lobbies. 

It’s unclear when the other three skins will be introduced to Fall Guys or how much they will cost. Fans have the new Ninja skin to wear in the meantime, however, and can continue to take over entire lobbies with the costume.