How to win Fall Guys’ Sweet Thieves mode as a Thief

"A thief in the fight!"

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is once again under the spotlight of the gaming world. After going free-to-play, the game was able to attract many new and returning players. If you only remember the first iteration of Fall Guys, you may have some catching up to do with the new maps and modes.

Sweet Thieves is one of the latest maps in the game, and it’s quite similar to the Cops and Robbers game. At the start of a match, teams will be divided into two groups, thieves and guardians. While staying on defense can be enough to win matches as a guardian, Thieves will need to get creative to qualify for the next round.

How to win as a Thief in Sweet Thieves in Fall Guys

  • Don’t use the jailbreak button until there are three-to-four players in jail.
    • The jailbreak button has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Using it for a single player will be less than ideal since guardians can trap more thieves during those 30 seconds.
  • Seek high-ground advantage.
    • Not many players do parkour and gain a high-ground advantage in Sweet Thieves. Going above the ground level can help you surprise guardians while they’re too focused on chasing other thieves on the ground.
  • Throw the candies to your teammates closer to the basket.
    • You don’t have to run all the way back to the basket when you get a candy. If you spot a teammate close to the basket and they don’t have a candy, just throw yours to them and focus on getting another one.
  • Get more out of your invisibility.
    • Try to go invisible more strategically. Don’t use it when there’s a guardian just behind you. Using it all the time is also a mistake since you’ll need to use it at the right time to flank guardians. Consider using it when guardians are distracted.