How to win Fall Guys’ Sweet Thieves mode as a Guardian

You shall not pass.

Image via Mediatonic

With Fall Guys going free-to-play, many new players are flooding into the game’s servers to try it out. Both new and returning players will run into new game modes like Sweet Thieves.

Sweet Thieves is Fall Guys’ take on the classic Cops and Robbers game. Players will divide into two teams, Guardians and Thieves. If you’re looking to qualify for the next round, you’ll need to follow the right strategies for the side you’re on.

How can you win as a Guardian in Sweet Thieves in Fall Guys?

  • Make sure that one of the members of your team guards the jailbreak.
    • If no one is guarding the jailbreak, then you should do it. The jailbreak allows Thieves to release their other teammates, which can help them turn the tide of the match.
  • Activate the jailbreak when it favors you to start the timer.
    • Activating the jailbreak may sound disadvantageous, but if there are only a couple of Thieves locked up, you can consider activating it yourself to start its timer and deny Thieves a jailbreak that benefits them more.
  • Always move and don’t stand still.
    • If you constantly move your jellybean, there’s a decent chance that you’ll hit a Thief and reveal them. Standing still will make Thieves’ jobs easier since they’ll be able to sidestep you.
  • Stay near candy spawns.
    • Taking an active stance near the candy spawns will increase your odds of capturing Thieves.
  • Get familiar with the grab button.
    • Considering you won’t be seeing the Thieves if they’re good, you’ll need to have your grab button pressed so you don’t miss out on easy catches.