How to link Fall Guys to an Epic Games account

You'll have to link your account to play the game in season six.

Image via Mediatonic

The Fall Guys‘ developer, Mediatonic, revealed today that season six of the battle royale game will introduce a cross-platform progression between PlayStation 4 and Steam and that every player will need to create or sign in to an Epic Games account and link it with Fall Guys to play the game.

The requirement comes eight months after Epic acquired Mediatonic’s parent company, Tonic Games. The Fall Guys profile you link to an Epic Games Account will instantly become your primary profile, so if you play on more than one platform, you’ll have to choose one to carry over your Fame Path level progress, Crowns, Shards, and Kudos.

Any progress, Crowns, Shards, and Kudos will be carried over from your primary Fall Guys’ profile only. These items can’t be merged with items you have from other accounts. Because of that, Mediatonic has advised players that have multiple accounts to spend all of it in the store before season six begins.

If you happen to have linked the wrong primary profile, you must get in touch with Fall Guys‘ player support as soon as you can so the support team can switch your account to the primary profile of your choice. You can only request it once, though.

How to link a Fall Guys profile to Epic Games account

As of right now, there’s no way to link Fall Guys to your Epic Games account. The release date of season six will be revealed on a stream on Nov. 23 at 12pm CT along with trailers, gameplay, and new costumes.

We will update this article once the option to link a Fall Guys profile to an Epic Games account is enabled in the game.