Fan makes incredible concept for Lego-Fall Guys crossover

Who wouldn't want to build their own Fall Guys course?

Image via Mediatonic

The popularity of Mediatonic’s pastel battle royale/party game Fall Guys is through the roof. It’s racing up Steam charts and popular streamers like TimtheTatman are making headlines while playing the game.

It comes as no surprise that with massive popularity comes fan-made concepts and crossovers that players would like to see become a part of the game’s culture. Twitter user “Ashnflash” shared a concept yesterday that would merge Fall Guys with Lego. 

The set, proposed on Lego Ideas, would give builders the flexibility of making new courses while providing blueprints for iconic Fall Guys courses like Door Dash and See Saw. Included would be exactly six “Fall Guys,” counted for the 60 players in each Fall Guys lobby. 

The proposed set already has over 2,500 supporters on Lego Ideas, and there are 605 days remaining on its counter. 

The likelihood of the set actually manifesting into reality is uncertain, but considering the Fall Guys community team’s willingness to engage with their community, there’s a possibility it becomes real down the line, provided Fall Guys has long-term success.