Fall Guys’ season 2 DLC returns to Steam Store

Mediatonic removed the bundle from Steam after players reported that they weren't receiving the items.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s season two DLC is back in the Steam Store. Mediatonic removed the bundle from Steam yesterday after several players purchased the pack and didn’t receive the skins, but the company has fixed the issue.

Like other Fall Guys DLC, the Dragon Hugger pack offers three costumes—a dragon, a knight, and a wizard—for $4.99.

Dissatisfied customers review-bombed the DLC pack on Steam, similar to how Fall Guys received negative feedback on the platform after it launched. Players left a significant number of negative reviews after they were unable to connect to the game due to the servers being overloaded.

The Dragon Hugger Pack is the first Fall Guys‘ season two DLC so far and offers three medieval costumes in line with the new season’s theme. The rewards, maps, and new game modes are a nod to the Middle Ages but maintain the same online pandemonium that made Fall Guys a hit.

Fall Guys’ new game modes reflect the season’s clear medieval theme. In Wall Guys, players are forced to cooperate with each other to climb over castle walls, and both Egg Siege and Hoopsie Legends take place inside a castle courtyard.

The new season also lived up to the promise of delivering “over 600 percent” more crowns as free rewards. Players who reach the maximum level will get a total of 21 crowns, which is considerably more than last season’s prize of three crowns.