Fall Guys temporarily removes season 2 DLC from Steam after service issues

Players reported not getting the DLC items after purchasing them.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic has temporarily removed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘s latest DLC from the Steam Store following reports that players weren’t receiving the items. The company said it will put the content back in the store after fixing the issues.

The DLC’s Steam Store page shows a description and image of the bundle, but players can’t add the items to their carts. The previous price is also unlisted.

The Dragon Hugger DLC Pack received mostly negative reviews following its debut precisely due to the service issues—not unlike Fall Guys itself, which drew major criticism from reviewers due to matchmaking issues early after launch.

The bundle contains three medieval-themed cosmetics: a knight, a wizard, and a dragon. Players can mix and match the DLC costumes with their favorite visuals and make a half-dragon, half-astronaut bean, for example.

The Dragon Hugger pack follows season two’s medieval theme, complete with knightly outfits and new game modes. The new outfits include an orc, a jester, and a dwarven warrior, all unlocked freely through in-game progression.

The new game modes also refer to the medieval theme, complete with scaling castles and guillotines. The Wall Guys map forces players to cooperate and drag movable platforms around to create a way across tall castle walls, while the new Egg Siege mode puts the classic egg hunt inside a booby-trapped castle courtyard.

Fall Guys‘ season two kicked off today with a series of quality-of-life improvements to its predecessor. In addition to new game modes and cosmetics, players will find visual upgrades on certain tilesets, as well as new banners and titles to showcase their identity and a random outfit generator. The latest season runs for two months until early December.

Update Oct. 9 11:15am CT: Mediatonic has returned the bundle to Steam.