Fall Guys brings some much-needed quality of life changes after game’s move to free-to-play

The devs fixed a challenge that was bugged and enabled some of the game's features.

Image via Mediatonic/Epic Games

The developers of Fall Guys have updated some of the game’s features today. This patch comes just two days after the jelly-beans battle royale became free-to-play on multiple gaming platforms.

The “Play a Team Game” challenge in the game’s live event was bugged, so the devs replaced it with “Reach Round Three in Squads” to allow players to complete it. Players will now also be able to create custom lobbies again. This feature had been disabled. Custom lobbies now must have a minimum of 30 players and Playlists that had a maximum player count of less than 30 have been removed.

“We hope to see this improved with time, but for now this should help with Custom Lobby issues we were experiencing,” Fall Guys said on Twitter.

On top of these changes, the devs also enabled the daily section of Fall Guys‘ in-game store. The cosmetics of the daily section change every day and generally offers a discount on one of the selected items.

The transition to free-to-play enabled lots of new players to try Fall Guys for the first time, which led to multiple server issues. There were reports of players getting stuck on the loading screen and players getting timed out while searching for a game due to a connection error, for example.

The servers are working significantly better now but players can still face issues. Fall Guys acknowledged on the update’s Twitter thread that players should keep trying to play in case they’re getting booted.