One of us: Twitch Recap exposes xQc’s biggest shame, and it’s centered around Dota 2

The cat's out of the bag.

Image via Valve and Screengrab via xQc

Dota 2 isn’t the first game that springs to mind when you think of xQc. Overwatch 2 and GTA V are more up the Twitch star’s alley, based on the number of hours he’s streamed them. But his Twitch Recap for 2022 told a different story.

It was his fourth favorite streaming category behind GTA V, Just Chatting, and Slots, suggesting he follows it closely.

At first, he seemed surprised it was there, but once he realized it was based on time watching rather than streaming, he told the truth. “Oh yeah, I watch a lot of Dota 2!”

It turns out, though, xQc does a lot more than just watch Dota 2; the king juicer actually plays the famous Valve MOBA pretty regularly, too. But, for whatever reason, it seems like he mainly likes to grind it off-stream.

XQc has only streamed it for a measly 8.4 hours throughout the course of his career, but in 2019, he said: “I’ve been playing a lot of Dota 2 off-stream and it’s the most fun I’ve had in years.”

At the time, the French-Canadian star was sitting on 2200 MMR, which means his skill level was average. But it looked like he’d improved when he played it on stream in June 2022. xQc said he plays Faceless Void a lot but chose to play Slark and Huskar, suggesting he’s a carry player. It seems like the perfect role for the juicer warlord.

Fans were impressed with how he performed. One pointed out he switched his Power Tread boots from Agility to Intelligence to temporarily increase his mana pool—an extra step most average players don’t do.

Not only does he watch it and play it, but he’s also gone on record praising it—sort of. xQc once described Dota 2 as “one of those games that is aesthetically pleasing,” admitting he “loves the art styles, the cosmetics, and the environment,” which makes him “want to play the game all the time,” even if he doesn’t stream it.

But like a true Dota 2 player, he added: “Whenever I queue the game, I realize it’s a piece of shit and I never want to play this garbage again.” And like them, he keeps on coming back.

Now xQc’s Dota 2 secret is out, it’ll be interesting to see if he streams it more.

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