Valve adds banned team, outdated items to Dota 2’s Supporters Club

It looks like the timing for this most recent update was really off.

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Valve has been slowly rolling out updates for the Dota 2 Supporters Club, a group of item bundles that fans of the competitive scene can purchase in-game to support the teams competing in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit. 

This was supposed to launch much earlier in the year, but ended up releasing during the second season of the DPC with 17 team bundles initially added to the shop. This was just a fraction of the teams competing within the DPC regional leagues, with Valve promising to drop more as they were submitted by the teams and approved for release. 

In the latest update to the Supporters Club, Valve added in an additional 22 teams bundles to the in-game shop, including many big names such as Invictus Gaming and Undying. And although many of the teams are still competing, several have been disbanded or have old content featured in their bundles. 

For a short period of time, players could even purchase the Supporters Club bundle for Pecado Squad Gaming, a team that was disqualified from the North American portion of the DPC for following an extensive investigation into match-fixing allegations.

Spider Pigzs made significant changes to their roster, left their previous organization and reformed a roster without one of their previous players, Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes. Even though RdO was the only Brazillian player on the team and the roster no longer plays for Level Up, the Supporters Club bundle for Spider Pigzs still features a Brazillian flag and the Level Up logo. 

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Several teams like Hokori and Team Mystery also just now got their bundles into the game and are already done for the season after being eliminated from their regional qualifiers for The International 10. Mystery will also be relegated out of the DPC for the start of the 2022 season if Valve carries over the same teams and ruleset. 

In the case of Pecado Squad, the bundle only offered Bronze Club level items and was taken down shortly after going live. The other errors are likely just a case of teams submitting their bundles some time ago and the release just being poorly timed around roster moves and events.

You can visit the team profile section of the Watch tab to see which teams have launched Supporters Clubs content and what each bundle contains.

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