Timado departs from Infamous

The Peruvian team finished 12th at The International 7.

Image via Valve

The sole South American team that competed at The International 7 will be moving forward without its midlaner.

Enzo “Timado” Gianoli has elected to depart from Peruvian organization Infamous, after being with the organization since March 31. The team was able to qualify for Valve’s $24 million event after winning the tournament’s inaugural South American qualifier, where the team went on a flawless run through the qualifier’s eventual playoffs.

Once at The International 7, however, Infamous were quickly sent to the main event’s lower bracket, where they were defeated by OG in a quick best-of-one series.

Despite being a Peruvian native, Timado has previously competed with North American side Team Freedom prior to joining Infamous. The midlaner has also received offers to join a North American teams in the past, according to a recent interview.

According to Timado the midlaner was the only salaried player on the Infamous squad, highlighting the struggle players in South America have come to expect.

Whether or not Timado will be continuing his career in a new region or not remains to be seen.