RAMZES didn’t want to join Solo’s team, but he listened to his Dota 2 dad

Just like the old times.


Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev was one of the hottest properties in Dota 2 throughout the last roster shuffle season. After leaving Darkside, the carry player was rumored to join Team Secret, but he eventually ended up on HellRaisers.

Ramzes recently appeared on Alexander “Nix” Levin’s stream, where he revealed more details about his most recent free agency.

According to machine translations of Ramzes’s statements, the player had no intention of joining HellRaisers at first. Despite receiving an invite from Alexey “Solo” Berezin, a veteran captain that Ramzes referred to as his second father, before the Lima Major, Ramzes refrained from making any final moves.

This would last until Solo called him one more time, and it must have been a convincing one since the conversation between the former teammates was enough to get Ramzes onboard at HellRaisers.

Ramzes and Solo previously played together during the Virtus.pro glory days in the mid-2010s, where the squad won major tournaments and became one of the best squads that emerged from their region.

In addition to the finer details of his move to HellRaisers, Ramzes also talked about the team environment at HellRaisers. Commending the overall positive atmosphere within the team, Ramzes expressed how he enjoyed that the squad drafted and thought of ideas together.

Compared to his last team, Darkside, HellRaisers was a breath of fresh air for Ramzes since he expressed that he didn’t like the “heavy atmosphere” there. Once dire vibes were mixed with the fact that the team was looking to bring on a player that Ramzes vetoed, the experience carry player knew it was time to pack his things and go.

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