Quincy Crew won’t sign with other organizations for The International 10

One of the top North American teams wants their name to be seen on Dota 2's biggest stage.

Photo via WePlay Esports

While preparing to compete at ESL Summer 2021 and boot camping for The International 10, Quincy Crew has decided to remain independent and will compete under its own banner on Dota 2’s biggest stage. 

This decision was made after the team competed together at the WePlay Esports AniMajor, finishing in a tie for fifth place and securing a direct invite to TI10. 

Since forming as a North American stack of players post-TI8 in 2018, QC has gone through many forms yet almost always operated with the same core of players and manager Jack “KBBQ” Chen. And what used to be a placeholder used to open doors for bigger sponsorships and contracts has now become “a team of people who believe in one another, ready to take on the world.”

“This isn’t the first time we’ve been in the position of an unsponsored team with a ticket to TI,”  KBBQ said. “In 2019, there were plenty of suitors looking for us to compete under their name and banner, and we happily took the best offer. Newbee treated us like family, and we couldn’t have asked for more. But this time, we won’t be going to TI as someone else.”

Unlike during the 2018-19 season when QC was signed by Forward Gaming and later by Newbee to compete at TI9, KBBQ and the team aren’t looking to play under a different banner this year. QC have been playing without an organizational sponsor since last March when the team was released by Chaos Esports Club and they’ve been playing with the same core players since signing Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos last June. 

For now, the team will be evaluating partnerships and deals while working to provide merchandise for the fans who want to support the QC brand. But their main goal is to remain true to their vision.

“We are once again in discussion with possible partners and sponsors, but the name Quincy Crew will be at TI10 in one way or another,” KBBQ said. “Some things are beyond any price.”

QC are staying in Ukraine right now to practice for the ESL Summer 2021 event, which will run from June 16 to 20. Once that’s done, the team will head home, take a small break, and meet back up for a TI10 boot camp in July. 

“To those who have supported us, stayed up to watch our games, and shared in our anguish, we may not know who all of you are, but are thankful regardless for each and every one of you,” KBBQ said. “Every encouraging message, every text, every flair or frog, and every tussle with the haters counts. We will repay you in Stockholm.”

QC’s first match at ESL Summer will be at 7am CT on June 17 against the winner of Team Liquid vs. Tundra Esports.