Overlay distribution platform Tether aims to bridge tournament organizers and streamers

Cooperation is key in and out of Dota 2.

Image via Valve

With Dota 2 once again mired in an argument about broadcast rights, Layerth might have come up with a solution to help tournament organizers and streamers alike painlessly carry out Valve’s updated license.

Tether allows for remote distribution and management of overlays, providing an efficient way for tournament organizers to oversee any third-party coverage. Assets such as sponsored banners and ads no longer need to be sent piece by piece to an interested streamer. Instead, they can be shared with a simple approval process.

Screengrab via Layerth

These additional viewing statistics will also be consolidated via Tether, thus providing an even more accurate gauge of the overall audience and “additional value for sponsors.”

Stats Dashboard
Screengrab via Layerth

The software will be free as well, opening up opportunities for even smaller tournament organizers to trial it. Layerth plans to introduce a premium plan for companies that “want to get more” from Tether.

While Tether was built for Dota 2, the team said it’s able to “support any platform and game.”

Layerth’s pedigree in the Dota 2 scene is top tier. Several key Dota 2 tournament organizers have opted for the company’s Cloak as a clean and effective spectator UI improvement. Fans who have tuned in to a recent pro game will likely have taken notice of useful bonus features like hero damage charts, a Smoke of Deceit indicator, and perhaps the most important of all, the Hand of Midas efficiency tracker.

The platform is set to launch this month. Interested parties can join the mailing list at [email protected] to be notified as soon as possible.