Nigma’s w33 hits 10,000 MMR

He's the fifth player to do so.


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Nigma might have missed the entire third round of the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit, but one of their players has reached a key personal milestone.

W33, who joined KuroKy’s team in 2019, has become part of an exclusive club of players to hit 10,000 MMR. Nigma’s mid laner is the fifth player to do so after Evil Geniuses’ Abed, Arteezy, Ramzes, and OG’s MidOne.

This also makes w33 the second player to attain 10,000 MMR since Dota 2 changed its ranked matchmaking to a seasonal system in November 2017. The first was Abed from Evil Geniuses, who accomplished the feat in 2019 when he was still with Fnatic.

Nigma’s fate has been slowly turning after their lackluster start to the season. The team won their second trophy of the season at the WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon event, where they managed to reverse a seemingly hopeless situation around one of the best teams in the world in Team Secret.

Being one of Nigma’s newest recruits and having replaced the popular MATUMBAMAN, w33 has taken a lot of heat for the team’s results. Criticism has been directed at his shallow hero pool, but the “True Sight” documentary for the 2019 International finals showed that the entire team played a part in the drafting process.

Nigma won’t be participating in the next Major or Minor, but the TI9 runners-up will try to come back better and stronger for the following event in the Dota 2 season.

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