Midas Mode 2.0’s day three bounties are about respecting the dead and challenging your honor

Kyle gets a reminder that the community never forgets.

midas mode bounties
Image via Moonduck

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Dota 2 tournament Midas Mode 2.0 is entering its third day of competition. After a few minor hiccups on the first day, the second day of Midas Mode 2.0 flourished with some truly meme-worthy moments.

There were only six challenges on day two and it seems like teams had trouble completing them. The Moonbucks reward for winning has led the teams to take the game too seriously.

Every team that completes a bounty will get to claim the reward, win or lose. The outcome of the game will also provide the teams with Moonbucks, with more being given for a victory.

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
Press F to pay respects300Drop a Eul’s scepter recipe on the grave marker for “Kyle” Freedman’s Eul’s between 23:55 and 24:05.
Run, chicken, run!300Have your courier touch both enemy shrines before the three-minute mark. It must return safely to your base to complete the bounty.
Get down Mr President!200Each team has the opportunity to set a VIP. If the VIP lasts the first five minutes, they win and get Moonbucks. If the opposing team also declares a VIP, you must kill their VIP within the first five minutes to claim the bounty.
Hide and Mango seek175Your team must buy and hide three mangoes outside of your base before the first bounty runes spawn. You can’t pick them up again. If two mangoes are found by the enemy before the game ends, the bounty is lost. All chat when you find a mango.
For honor175One team can formally request a duel against the other team. If the enemy team accept, they shall both choose a champion among them, declare it, and meet mid and fight to the death. The winning hero earns Moonbucks for the team.
Dance with the devil by the first moonlight150Enter the Rosh pit alone and get hit by Rosh in the first five minutes and survive.

This set of bounties will only be available for the third day. Just like yesterday, the number of bounties has remained at six, down from 10 on the first day. If you want to contribute your fabulous ideas, head over to Reddit and post them on the official suggestion thread.

Today’s games will see Sir Sadim’s Stunners, composed of Dota 2‘s premier streamers, play two series against two-time International champions OG and TI1’s winners Natus Vincere. The third series will go back to America for a clash between Team Anvorgesa and beastcoast.