Midas Mode 2.0’s day one bounties included some spooky stuff and a game of football

Put a bounty on anything and the teams might just think about completing the challenge.

dota 2 midas mode 2.0
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Midas Mode 2.0 is a Dota 2 tournament that’s heavily influenced by a set of bounties given to each player before the start of each day and the first set of challenges didn’t disappoint in giving teams an entertaining list. 

Each bounty has an individual payout that’s awarded to any team that completes it. There are multipliers available at the end of each game too, but here’s the basic list of every day one bounty:

Bounty nameMoonbucksDescription
Random Roles300Every player /rolls at the start of the draft. The highest roll plays position one, the second-highest plays position two, etc.
99 Problems but CS ain’t one250Win the game with 0 CS on at least one hero.
Bringing a knife to a gunfight175Draft five melee heroes.
Technical Issues150A player in guaranteed enemy vision may proclaim “Technical Issues.” They then must stay motionless for 30 seconds and survive. Moving or dying before 30 seconds fails the bounty. Enemies must all be alive before you start the bounty.
Tunnel Vision100Win without destroying any barracks. If your opponents GG before you destroy any of their barracks, you get the reward.
Football100Purchase a gem of truesight and score a “touchdown” by dropping it in the enemy fountain before 30 minutes using your hero. No global teleports or blinks to enter the base. The gem must be purchased from your team’s base.
A Mango a day keeps the doctor away100Have five active mangos in one hero’s inventory at all times until the first tier-one tower falls on any side of the map.
Game Theory75Teams agree to deny their bounty runes at game start. If all four runes are denied, both teams get the reward. If any bounty rune is picked up, neither does.
It’s Halloween75A person with invisibility (not included being smoked) can type something spooky in chat. The bounty is won if they manage to kill an enemy hero in five seconds after saying “boo.”
Team Building Experience75When someone on your team dies, they must all chat an apology to their own team for something they did IRL. Each person on the team must do this once during the game to collect the bounty.

This set of bounties will only be active for the rest of the first day. A new list will be added from the community suggestion thread for each individual day until the event ends. 

Outside of a few minor errors, day one of Midas Mode has been extremely well-received by the community, averaging around 35,000 viewers on the English Twitch broadcast. There hasn’t been a lot of crazy plays in a match yet, but it’s still only the first day. 

Moonbucks will become increasingly important the deeper into the tournament a team gets, so expect several players to start getting a little risky with their strategies as things go on. If you want to bet on which team will just start gunning for the bounties, keep your eyes on Sir Sadim’s Stunners, a team completely made up of Dota 2 streamers who will always do it for the meme.

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