Lord Gaben gave Dota 2 fans a birthday gift, but it seems to have broken the game again

The Diretide magic is finally here, but it started on the wrong foot.

Image via Valve

Lord Gaben blessed the Dota 2 fans with Part II of the 2022 battle pass on his birthday, Nov. 3. The patch containing the Diretide event and lots of new cosmetics might not have become available quickly enough to save TeaGuvnor’s beard, but other players weren’t that lucky either since Dota 2’s Game Coordinator went down shortly after the update.

With the servers going down, most fans took time to explore the second wave of the battle pass content. It didn’t take them long to realize there was still quite a bit of content missing, however, as most of the expected releases were once again postponed with “Coming Soon” tags.

Expectations of a new arcana, the third Immortal box, and terrain were left hanging, while the Diretide Candy system was all messed up at the beginning. Though Valve responded quickly to the Candy situation, it still took a while for affected players to get back their wasted Candies.

What looked like a fantastic birthday gift from Gabe Newell turned into a rollercoaster of emotions since players who were online as the patch went live had their gaming session ganked by confusion.

Dota 2’s servers are currently fully operational and the aftermath of the Diretide patch only features players’ continued hopes and dreams for new battle pass content that’s up to the standards that Valve set over the years. The 2022 battle pass will continue to run until January 2023, giving Valve quite a bit of time to roll out continuous new content.