ILTW to stand in for OG during Dota PIT season 4

Return home safely, agent MidO.

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Screengrab via Valve

Though the holiday season is approaching, Dota 2 tournaments will continue without a break. The absence of LAN events has been heavily made up for with back-to-back online tournaments that have been the recent highest stage of Dota 2 competition.

OG announced today that MidOne, who’s been playing away from home in Europe since 2016, will be taking a “well-deserved holiday break.” In his absence, OG will be filling in his place with its trusty former stand-in Igor “iLTW” Filatov.

ILTW has been relatively absent from competitive play after the former main squad of Virtus Pro was made inactive in September. ILTW still stood in for teams like Live to Win over the last couple of weeks and right now he’s the professional Dota 2 player with the most pub games played over the last eight days.

Playing over 152 matches during this stage, iLTW has averaged around 19 to 20 pub games per day, meaning OG’s old friend is ready for his time to shine. The team will be playing the entirety of OGA Dota PIT season four with iLTW and are scheduled to play against Virtus Pro today at 12pm CT.

OG and Virtus Pro went head-to-head just yesterday in the grand finals of Epic League Division 1 and Virtus Pro came out on top in the best-of-five series.

You can tune into the action over at Dota PIT’s Twitch channel or from the Watch tab on the main screen of Dota 2.

OG’s hasn’t commented on when its superstar mid laner will return from his break, but it likely won’t happen until at least after Christmas.