EHOME remain unbeaten at The Bucharest Minor

EHOME are still the clear favorites as they continue to win.

Image via Valve

EHOME’s undefeated run at The Bucharest Minor continued today as they beat fellow top seed Gambit Esports in the upper bracket finals.

The Chinese team torched their opposition in the group stage, going 4-0, and then continued that domination when they took down Chinese rival Keen Gaming in the opening round of the playoffs. Their 6-0 winning streak was going to be tested against Gambit, but they came into the match looking fully prepared.

Game one was the longest match of the event so far, lasting 72 minutes with neither team willing to give up positioning or gaining ground on each other. Gambit were the aggressors for most of the game, but EHOME didn’t overextend their defenses much, preferring to remain steady and reacting during the opening phase.

That offensive mindset gave Gambit plenty of opportunities to strike big blows, but they failed to capitalize early and that let EHOME build to a late game that was a fight to see who could sustain their offense the longest.

Despite their excellent early game, Gambit eventually fell to EHOME’s advantage and now had their backs against the wall.

It was much of the same strategy in game two, with EHOME playing defensive and building resources while Gambit tried to get an early edge. It all came down to a last minute teamfight where EHOME’s more-controlled approach allowed them to slowly take the advantage.

Gambit were unable to recover after that and EHOME punched their ticket to the grand finals with a 2-0 victory. The 8-0 powerhouse will play the winner of Gambit vs. Keen for The Bucharest Minor title and the final invite to The Chongqing Major.