Dota 2 player compiles massive list of Rubick Spell Steal bugs

Rubick is satisfying for players and frustrating for Valve's team.

dota 2 rubick spell steal bugs
Image via Valve

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Rubick is one of the trickiest and most satisfying heroes for any Dota 2 player. For developers, however, he’s a cesspool of bugs that creates nightmare scenario after nightmare scenario.

A Reddit user has compiled a list of Spell Steal bugs that are present in the game, including the other ever-present bug collector, Morphling. Another bug expert also chimed in with his own additions and clarifications to the list

Even after the recent Summer Scrub update that removed a long list of problems and improved quality of life in the game, Rubick remains one of the heroes with numerous bugs. The Grand Magus’ ultimate, Spell Steal, is a treat for players and spectators, and the community has spared no effort in trying to improve the consistency of the spell.

While most of the spells are inconsistencies and updates that likely could be fixed easily, some are game-breaking bugs that could affect the quality of the game. For example, Rubick players can only steal enemies’ spells with one huge exception: Morphling, who can Morph into allies and thus allow Rubick to pilfer his own teammates’ spells.

This comes with a caveat of bugs, however. If Morphling switches to its original form as the Spell Steal projectile is traveling back to Rubick, the player will either steal nothing or a level zero spell. 

Another bug that could cause massive lag spikes in the game is Rubick’s ability to steal summons. Units like Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear and Arc Warden’s Tempest Double have unique mechanics. When the ability is first used, a unit is summoned. Each subsequent cast after that will simply revive or heal the unit, though. But with Rubick and Morphling, these spells constantly generate new unique units, which can cause massive lag spikes due to limited memory.

These interactions heavily affect Rubick players and their quality of life, and they could even bleed out to other players in the same game. 

With the community buzzing about the poor quality of the recent Halloween chest and the deteriorating state of the Oceanic servers, Valve will once again be busy plugging holes in Dota 2. There are passionate players who are willing to go the extra mile to make the game better for everyone. Now, it’s up to the developers to find the solutions.