Valve releases Summer Scrub update ahead of The International 9

Valve's third blog post in three days features a massive list of changes.

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After making its third blog post in three days, Valve has pushed the Summer Scrub update live heading into The International 9. The developer released this update for Dota 2 right on the heels of the matchmaking update.

Valve published a blog post on July 10 about the Summer Scrub update. Similar to the Spring Cleaning of past years, Valve urged the community to look for gameplay bugs and quality of life changes, and the community responded enthusiastically.

Community-frequented platforms like Reddit were filled with posts about the Summer Scrub and Valve seems to have taken pretty much everything into account. Even the most passionate of Chen players got their wish.

Perhaps the most requested change was the re-inclusion of the customizable hero grid. Once a feature of the original game, the customization was removed with Dota 2’s Reborn update, leaving players stuck with the default one. 

Players will also have better performances during teamfights. Jonathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig, Dota 2 observer and frames enthusiast, benchmarked the game before and after the update. Players with weaker computers will feel the biggest difference with an almost 50-percent increase in performance.

Valve also implemented harsher measures against matchmaking exploits like smurfing and using bots in public matches. This all culminated in a “fresh ban wave for cheaters today.” All players will have five reports per week instead of three, and those with high behavior scores will get even more.

On top of the tremendous list of updates for the base game, custom games received some love. With numerous API additions and bug fixes to allow for smoother gameplay, both creators and players alike will have something to look forward to.

With the housekeeping stuff out of the way, Dota 2 fans can now peacefully look forward to the biggest event of the year. TI9 begins on Aug. 15.