Cavern Crawl in Dota 2 explained

Complete challenges to reap the rewards.

Purchasing tiers isn’t the only way to unlock them in Dota 2 battle passes. After acquiring the battle pass, players will be presented with multiple ways to increase their battle pass level. From challenges to wagering on matches, there are quite a few ways to grind battle pass levels.

Cavern Crawl in Dota 2 can be categorized as a minigame that players can progress through by completing specific challenges, and defeating heroes. This mode is made up of various paths that branch out. There are three main pathways, Carry, Support, and Utility. To start progressing through a certain path, players will need to complete the prompted challenges in Normal, Ranked, or a Turbo match. Completing challenges in Turbo mode will reward half the credits.

Image via Valve

Challenges will often start easy and require players to perform simple actions like placing wards or using various in-game items in a winning match, but they’ll become noticeably harder as the depths of Cavern Crawl unlock. There will be instances when a certain path will be blocked by a hero or require players to have a special item like the following to proceed.

  • Culling Blade: Kill a Wounded hero.
    • Heroes will get wounded if you complete the challenge to defeat them in a Turbo mode. Culling Blade allows players to avoid playing two Turbo matches to kill a hero. 
  • Netherswap Wand: Select a hero and change it with a random one.
  • Rocket Flare: Explore not-discovered rooms.
  • Elemental Rune: Use it to neutralize elemental magic.
  • Winged Boots: Allows heroes to pass through obstacles by flying over them.
  • Oracle: Find out the location of a high-value reward.

Cavern Crawl rewards in Dota 2

The main rewards in Cavern Crawls are three exclusive skins that are at the end of each path: Carry, Support, and Utility. They aren’t the only rewards, however, since players will also get to unlock the following rewards during their Cavern Crawl adventures.

  • Small Points Chest: Receive 250 Battle Points and 125 Dota Plus Shards
  • Large Points Chest: Receive 2,000 Battle Points and 1,000 Dota Plus Shards
  • Style Unlock Fragment: Collecting three of this item will allow players to unlock an additional style on one of the final reward sets.

The points chests and Style Unlock Fragments are scattered around the Cavern Crawl map. In most cases, you should prioritize going for the reward when they appear on the map. There will also be times when they’ll be guarded with a time-consuming quest, though, forcing players to make a decision on which path they’d like to follow.

What are the Cavern Crawl reward sets in the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass?

  • Juggernaut — Isle of Dragons
  • Crystal Maiden — Whitewind Battlemage
  • Slardar — Stonefish Renegade