Brazilian football club Coritiba enters Dota 2

"A bit of green."

Image via Coritiba

Coritiba’s esports division has announced the signing of the Spirits squad today. The Dota 2 team, featuring mini, Mr. Jeans, hyko, Jupiter, and serem, will be representing the club in the second division of the South American Dota Pro Circuit.

Three members of the squad operated under the name of APU King of Kings in the first division last season. Despite kicking the season off with a win in the second week, the team performed poorly and couldn’t avoid relegation. Shortly after, Mr. Jeans and hyko joined the team, replacing Benny and dunha1.

Though Dota 2 is the home of the International, the gaming event that famously features the biggest prize pool in esports, there’s a limited number of organizations in the scene. Dota 2’s competitive scene can be chaotic at times, since Valve can be slow or unpredictable with its decision-making. From major events getting canceled to inconsistent rulings, the DPC has had its fair share of events that could scare away organizations looking to get involved.

Lots of sports clubs are looking to form their esports divisions and PSG.LGD has been the pioneer of this movement in the Dota 2 scene. The trend was later followed by AS Monaco, and now it’s Coritiba’s turn to introduce its culture and professionalism to the Dota 2 scene. The second division of the South American DPC can be one of the more unpredictable leagues out there, but this is still a decent pick-up that can bring further recognition to Dota 2.

While Coritiba’s Dota 2 team will be competing in the second division, the club’s football team is currently playing in Série A, the first soccer division in the country.

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