All Disney Lorcana secret Rare Enchanted cards from The First Chapter

Players are chasing Enchanted rarity cards.

Image of Elsa casting a winter spell in Disney Lorcana The First Chapter
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Ravensburger and Disney created chase cards for the new Disney Lorcana TCG, with all of The First Chapter Enchanted rarity cards pricing at $200 or more since the set launched.

The Enchantment rarity within Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter has completed the six forms of card rarity players can pull from booster packs. Cards with a rarity from Common to Legendary are meant for gameplay, with each having a foil variant that can get pulled from Starter Decks and booster packs. The Enchanted rarity is strictly a chase card for collectors and super fans. 

What is the Enchanted rarity in Dinsey Lorcana?

Cards that have the Enchanted rarity are existing cards within Disney Lorcana that have been given special foiling treatment and new artwork. Each set will contain Enchanted cards, found in the foiling slot of a Lorcana booster pack. 

Here is what’s special about Enchanted cards in Lorcana:

  • New artwork for an existing Lorcana card
  • Full-art card (no borders)
  • Inkwash foil treatment (exclusive to only Enchanted cards)

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All Enchanted cards and prices from The First Chapter

Within Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter there were a total of 12 cards with the Enchanted rarity. Drop rates have been low but there is also a product shortage at the time of writing on Sept. 15. Lower drop rates and a lack of products have led to a huge spike in Disney Lorcana Enchanted card prices on the secondary market.  

The 12 Enchanted variants are from cards that have the rarity of Super Rare and Legendary. Here are all the Enchantment rarity cards in The First Chapter and how much they are worth.

  • Elsa, Spirit of Winter: Around $700
  • Stitch, Carefree Surfer: Around $200
  • Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy: Around $280
  • Mickey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer: Around $300
  • Belle, Strange but Special: Around $285
  • Aurora, Draming Guardian: Around $245
  • Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw: Around $200
  • Hades, King of Olympus: Around $200
  • Genie, On the Job: Around $190
  • Simba, Returned King: Around $220
  • Mickey Mouse, Artful Rogue: Around $185
  • Maui, Hero to All: Around $200

Additional Enchantment rarity cards are coming with the second Disney Lorcana set, Rise of the Floodborn. And a special Disney100 Edition will also launch with the second set, showcasing six Enchanted rarity cards with new art and artist signatures.

The most expensive Lorcana Enchanted card at time of writing is Elsa, Spirit of Winter, with a single copy selling at around $1,000 at time of writing on Sept. 15 despite an average market price of around $700. All other Enchanted cards are valued at around $200 to $250, except for Mikey Mouse, Wayward Sorcerer who is priced at around $300.

Players can start collecting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter cards on Aug. 4 through a soft launch at local game stores showcasing Starter Deck events. The official global release will take place on Sept. 1. The Rise of the Floodborn set will drop into local game stores on Nov. 17, followed by the retail launch on Dec. 1.

Update Sept 15 9:50am CT: All card prices were added to Disney Lorcana Enchanted rarity cards following the official release of The First Chapter.

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