How to get and equip the Wolf Pup back trophy in Diablo 4

He's just a cute little guy.

The Wolf Pup pack in Diablo 4
Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

For Diablo 4 players who participated in the early access beta period, many were motivated to play by the different class options, varying talent tree paths, or the open world filled with ghouls and creatures ripe for slaying. But nothing made me want to play more than the reward of an adorable Wolf Pup that travels with you.

Diablo 4 is the latest entry in the hit strategy RPG franchise, which attracted players from across the world to the open beta back in March. Players who met certain requirements can earn special rewards for playing, like unique titles and a highly sought-after piece of back gear that features a wolf puppy.

Now that the game has been fully released, the cute Wolf Pup is yours to claim. Here’s all the information you need to know about how to get and equip the Wolf Pup in Diablo 4.

What are the requirements to get the Wolf Pup backpack in Diablo 4?

To acquire the Diablo 4 Wolf Pup pack, players had to play during the open beta weekend back in March and level at least one character up to level 20, just shy of the open beta max level 25. Open beta access was only available to players who pre-purchased the game, found a code, or acquired a code by participating in the limited-time KFC promotion.

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If you didn’t get open beta access, or if you didn’t reach level 20 during the open beta, we’re sorry to inform you that the door to getting the Wolf Pup appears to be closed. But if you did, here’s how you can equip the Wolf Pup.

How to equip the Wolf Pup back trophy in Diablo 4

The Wolf Pup back trophy can be acquired and equipped at any Wardrobe. Players will be able to access a Wardrobe first at Kyovashad following the completion of the prologue.

Wolf pup pack from Diablo 4.
He’s sleepy. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Go to the Wardrobe and select Items. The Wolf Pup can be equipped in the fourth item slot, the Back Trophy slot. Click on the “Beta Wolf Pack” to apply the item to your back and then click “Confirm Look” at the bottom of the page to save your look.


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