What counts as Crowd Control in Diablo 4?

There are a total of 11 Crowd Control effects. Here's what they are.
Diablo 4 characters fending off a crowd on enemies
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There’s an awful lot of terminology in Diablo 4, and the game doesn’t really take much time to talk you through it. One term that comes up a lot but isn’t really explained—at least not in a front-and-center way—is Crowd Control.

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Crowd Control refers to a range of status effects that, in some way, impair the movement and actions of enemies. That’s a broad definition, and it can be difficult to know which effects count as Crowd Control and which don’t. Here is our guide on Crowd Control in Diablo 4.

What’s considered Crowd Control in Diablo 4?

A character screen showing Damage vs Crowd Controlled in Diablo 4.
Your profile tells you your damage bonus vs. Crowd Controlled and your damage bonus vs. specific effects. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are 11 status effects that count as Crowd Control in Diablo 4: Slow, Immobilize, Stun, Knockback, Knockdown, Taunt, Fear, Tether, Daze, Chill, and Freeze. Each status has different effects, but they all count as Crowd Control.

This means when an enemy is Slowed, Frozen, or anything in between, then any Damage vs. Crowd Controlled damage bonuses you have (check for this under your Offensive stats) will apply for as long as that enemy is affected.

How Crowd Control works for bosses in Diablo 4

A screenshot of a spider boss getting staggered and amount to take some serious damage to an angry Barbarian in Diablo 4.
The blue bar indicates the boss is staggered. Screenshot by Dot Esports

While none of the Crowd Control effects work on bosses, using them on a boss will fill that boss’ stagger meter (the yellow bar under their health bar). When the stagger meter is full, the boss will be staggered for several seconds and affected by all 11 Crowd Control effects simultaneously.

Many abilities can trigger Crowd Control, and each of the five classes can do it. But in Diablo 4’s massive dictionary of terms, it’s important to know just what you need to do to trigger the Crowd Control effect.

All Crowd Control effects in Diablo 4

A rogue freezing a wraith in Diablo 4.
Two AoE Chill effects overlapping pretty much guarantees an enemy will Freeze. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Here’s a table of all 11 Crowd Control effects, each with a brief summary of what it does.

SlowSlow reduces the movement speed of the affected enemy but not its attack speed.
ImmobilizeImmobilize prevents an enemy from moving at all but does not prevent it from attacking.
StunStun prevents an enemy from moving, attacking, or using most skills. Some passive effects will still work while the enemy is stunned.
KnockbackKnockback pushes an enemy away from the source of the attack. Crowd Control only applies during the very brief time at which the enemy is moving away.
KnockdownKnockdown forces an enemy to collapse onto the ground. While knocked down, an enemy can’t move or attack and is considered Crowd Controlled until it gets back up.
TauntTaunt causes an enemy to melee attack the source of the Taunt and ignore everything else for the duration of the Taunt effect.
FearFear will make an enemy run away from the source of the Fear effect, unable to take any other action until the effect wears off.
TetherTether keeps an enemy within a specific radius of the source of the effect.
DazeDaze prevents an enemy from attacking or using skills but not from moving.
ChillChill slows an enemy, and enemies that are Chilled repeatedly will Freeze.
FreezeFreeze prevents an enemy from moving, attacking, or using skills. If an enemy is killed while Frozen, it will shatter, leaving no corpse.

How to counteract Crowd Control in Diablo 4

A screenshot of a Barbarian getting frozen in Diablo 4. She's about to die a horrible death.
My Barbarian is seconds from death. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Your character can also be affected by Crowd Control, but there are a couple of ways to get past it. You’ll sometimes be left CCed and unable to move for a second or two. If you’re surrounded by enemies, and you’re low on health, this can easily lead to a bloody and painful death.

To counteract Crowd Control and live another day, you can use Unstoppable or Immune effects. Unstoppable and Immune are Status Ailments that can be applied using abilities.

Not every class has an Unstoppable or Immune effect. Here are all the Unstoppable and Immune effects currently available in Diablo 4.

Unstoppable effectsDescription
Enhanced Rallying Cry (Barbarian)Rallying Cry grants you Unstoppable while active.
Charge (Barbarian)Become Unstoppable and rush forward, pushing enemies with you, then swinging through them for X [25 percent] damage and Knocking them Back.
Wrath of the Berserker (Barbarian)Gain Berserking and Unstoppable for five seconds. For the next 10 seconds, dealing direct damage with Basic Skills grants Berserking for five seconds.
Enhanced Earthen Bulwark (Druid)Earthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable while active.
Trample (Druid)Shapeshift into a Werebear, become Unstoppable, and charge forward, dealing X [75 percent] damage and Knocking Back enemies.
Enemies who are Knocked Back into the terrain take an additional X [45 percent] damage and are Stunned for three seconds.
Prime Grizzly Rage (Druid)You are Unstoppable for six seconds after using Grizzly Rage.
Teleport (Sorceress) Transform into lightning, becoming Unstoppable and surging to the target location, dealing X [25 percent] damage around you upon arrival. 
Enchantment Effect Evade is replaced with a short-range Teleport on a 17.0-second cooldown.
Shadow Step (Rogue)Become Unstoppable and quickly move through the shadows to stab your victim from behind for X [72 percent] damage. Gain 50 percent increased Movement Speed for two seconds afterward.
Concealment (Rogue)Vanish from sight, gaining an advanced form of Stealth for five seconds that will not be removed by taking damage.

Concealment also makes you Unstoppable, grants 30 percent [+] Movement Speed, and allows you to move freely through enemies for its duration.
Prime Shadow Clone (Rogue)You are Unstoppable for five seconds after casting Shadow Clone.
Immune effectsDescription
Lacerate (Druid)Shapeshift into a Werewolf, become Immune and quickly dash 12 times between enemies in the area, dealing up to X [460 percent] damage.
Flame Shield (Sorceress)Engulf yourself in flames for two seconds, Burning surrounding enemies for X [40 percent] damage per second.

While Flame Shield is active, you are Immune. 
Deep Freeze (Sorceress)Encase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for four seconds, continually dealing X [25 percent] damage, and Chilling enemies for 20 percent. When Deep Freeze expires, it deals an additional 31 [100 percent] damage.
Casting Deep Freeze again ends the effect early.
Blood Mist (Necromancer)Disperse into a bloody mist, becoming Immune for three seconds. Your Movement Speed is reduced by 20 percent, and you periodically deal X [two percent] damage to enemies and Healing for 0.5 percent of your Maximum Life.
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