After 26 years, one Diablo dev has revealed a surprising fact about Sanctuary

I bet you didn't know this one.

Sanctuary environment in Diablo 4 showing misty mountains and green praerie.
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We have all roamed the lands of Sanctuary without putting much thought into it. But after 26 years of the franchise, one Diablo dev has shared some critical information about the Mortal Realm.

Diablo 4 officially launched worldwide on June 6 and to celebrate its global release, Blizzard Entertainment dev Harrison G. Pink revealed Sanctuary is actually a full-blown planet.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever officially stated it or not, but it’s 100% a spherical celestial body with at least 1 moon, not a flat plane with edges,” explained the Blizzard dev on social media.

More than excited to learn this small yet monumental detail about Sanctuary, Diablo 4 players buried Pink with similar lore questions to which the dev responded with memes. But we did learn that World of Warcraft’s Azeroth and Sanctuary aren’t in the same planetary system and Diablo planet is “still in its own pocket dimension, created when Inarius and Lilith created the world to keep the world stone hidden from prying eyes.”

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Sanctuary has been the setting of the Diablo franchise for 26 years and until now, we have only known this as the Mortal Realm and no one even dared to think it will be a separate planet on its own. Although Pink didn’t specify, it’s safe to assume that other Diablo realms like Limbo and the High Heavens are planets too. 

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