Where to find Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2

They spawn in Europa. The specifics are a bit trickier.

Planetary materials are all over destinations in Destiny 2. You can’t walk through the EDZ without stumbling into Dusklight Shards or have a scenic trip to the Dreaming City without finding Baryon Boughs. Players can hand them into Spider in exchange for certain goods, use them to purchase upgrade materials from Banshee-44, or even pay some of them in the Monument of Lost Lights when spending your Ascendant Shards.

Destination materials appear in even the harshest climates of Destiny 2, including the coldest plains of Europa. Glacial Starwort is a resource on the Beyond Light destination, and they appear fairly easily throughout Europa. Like other destination materials, they have a few set spawn points but don’t always appear. This means players don’t have to take a specific route to find Glacial Starwort, although they may find the resource if they check recurrent spawn spots.

Glacial Starworts can also spawn inside Europan Lost Sectors, and it’s easy to miss them when focusing on the combat. Though players will naturally remember specific spawn spots, such as below the catwalk in Perdition, they have a chance of appearing.

To make the most out of your hunting for Glacial Starwort, attach a resource detector mod to your Ghost. This type of mod will mark the location of all destination materials on your HUD, and their range increases based on the level of the mod, to a maximum of 75 meters. This makes collecting Glacial Starwort a fairly simple task as long as players keep an eye on their HUD and bring out their Ghosts to look for indicators.