Where is Xûr and what is he selling this week in Destiny 2?

Come get your exotics.

Image via Bungie

Xûr is paying another visit to Destiny 2 this week and he’s bringing his wares. Every Friday to Tuesday, players can spend their Legendary Shards to buy one piece of exotic armor for each class, as well as an exotic weapon and an engram. His gear drops with set rolls, so with a little luck, keeping track of his inventory each week could lead to an upgrade.

In addition to his usual goods, Xûr also has a quest called Xenology, which awards players with an Exotic Cipher that can be used to acquire vaulted weapons from the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower or to get an extra Exotic Engram from his inventory.

Xûr appears in a set location at reset every Friday and disappears again at the reset on Tuesday, which gives players a limited (but comfortable) window to grab what’s needed from his inventory.

Here’s what Xûr is selling this week and where to find him.

Xûr’s location and inventory this week (June 11 to 15)

Location: Hangar, The Tower

Screengrab via Bungie

Weapon: Two-Tailed Fox (Rocket Launcher, Void/Solar)

Description: “Shoots two rockets, one Void and one Solar, that can track onto the same target.”

Hunter Exotic: St0mp-EE5 (Legs)

Description: “Increases sprint speed and slide distance. Improves High Jump, Strafe Jump, and Triple Jump.”

Screengrab via Bungie


Mobility: 18
Resilience: 10
Recovery: 2
Discipline: 2
Intellect: 14
Strength: 13

Titan Exotic: Severance Enclosure (Chest)

Description: “Powered melee final blows unleash a damaging explosion. Finishers and final blows against more powerful targets increase the radius and damage of the explosion.”

Screengrab via Bungie


Mobility: 6
Resilience: 14
Recovery: 12
Discipline: 6
Intellect: 21
Strength: 2

Warlock Exotic: Chromatic Fire (Chest)

Description: “When a Light subclass is equipped, precision final blows with your Kinetic weapon create an explosion in the element of your subclass.”

Screengrab via Bungie


Mobility: 2
Resilience: 16
Recovery: 15
Discipline: 13
Intellect: 8
Strength: 10


In addition to his regular inventory, Xûr also carries a quest called Xenology, which awards players with an Exotic Cipher after completing its requirements. It’s a straightforward mission, but it can be time-consuming.

To finish Xenology, players must complete 21 strikes or win 21 matches in Crucible and/or Gambit. Progress moves faster by doing those activities with clanmates or at higher difficulties. The mission awards one Exotic Cipher and doesn’t have to be completed within the same week of obtaining it—although you can’t turn it in and get another shot at the quest in the same week.