The best new weapons in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

If you get any of these guns, odds are they're going to your vault.

Screengrab via Bungie

A new expansion or season in Destiny 2 means an arsenal of new weapons, and The Witch Queen didn’t disappoint. With a slew of new Throne World weapons, the introduction of Glaives, and another set of world drop guns available from basically any source, players’ arsenals will get a series of new additions throughout Year Five. And that’s not counting the handful of Season of the Risen armaments that also launched alongside The Witch Queen.

The latest expansion brought in several new armaments that can easily be among the best in their slot or category. Here are the best new weapons in The Witch Queen, listed in no particular order. This list will only include Throne World and world drop weapons and does not rank seasonal armaments.

Funnelweb: The Recluse 2.0

The Destiny 2 community quickly embraced Funnelweb as the new Recluse, and it’s hardly a shock to see why. Much like the infamous Recluse, Funnelweb is a Void Veist SMG, and its random rolls offer players some ways to get utility and firepower at once. Evidently, it lacks the Recluse’s signature Master of Arms perk, but that’s not stopping it from making a splash thanks to combinations like Subsistence and Frenzy or Adrenaline Junkie.

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Screengrab via Bungie

Krait: Veist and Stasis pair well

The Foundry drop pool is coming in strong in The Witch Queen. Funnelweb is a strong contender in the Energy slot, and Krait is a unique auto rifle that takes up your Kinetic slot. It’s also a Stasis-element AR, meaning it can roll Headstone, but other possible combinations—like Overflow and Vorpal Weapon or Subsistence and One For All—also make it more than desirable.

Players who got a taste of Season of the Splicer’s Chroma Rush will find some familiarity with Krait. They’re both Kinetic 720rpms, but they hit hard. Generally, Krait has slightly better stats with a harsher recoil. This may not make you retire your Chroma Rush, but it’s sure to give it a run for its money. And if you couldn’t get a good roll of Chroma Rush during Year Four, you can always take Krait with you and you’ll find an excellent addition to your Kinetic slot.

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Forensic Nightmare: a craftable Stasis SMG

Forensic Nightmare is one of the first Throne World weapons you’ll obtain, and easily one of the best. Forensic Nightmare is can roll Headstone, which is helpful for crowd control, but you can also rely on established damage-boosting perks like Kill Clip and Swashbuckler for some extra punch. Perpetual Motion, Heating Up, or Grave Robber can also be among the best choices, with Encore possibly being useful to give you some range or stability. One of its biggest strengths is the fact that it’s craftable, though, so you can tailor your gun exactly how you want it to—if you’ve unlocked the perks, that is.

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Fel Taradiddle: to end your search for a new Kinetic bow

If you get a good roll of it, Fel Taradiddle might just take up your Kinetic slot for good when it comes to bows. Archer’s Tempo is easily the best in slot for the first perk column, but with enough luck, you can combine it with Explosive Head, one of the most common damage-boosting perks for bows. The newly introduced Successful Warm-Up, paired with Archer’s Tempo, can make you fire weapons almost nonstop, especially with the right parts and masterwork. And even if you don’t get the best in slot, you can roll Adrenaline Junkie or One For All for some extra damage. Under My Skin, the Season of the Risen Void bow, can give it some steep competition, but this list is only ranking the new weapons in the expansion.

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Ogma PR6: Adaptative Munitions and Disruption Break

The Ogma PR6 has one of the most unique perk pools for non-sunset pulse rifles in Destiny 2—not because of what’s in it, but because of how it’s arranged. It can roll Adaptative Munitions, which can make it far more versatile for Match Game activities, but the star of the show is the possibility of combining it with Disruption Break at the same time. Adaptative Munitions gives bonus damage to unmatched shields, while Disruption Break makes its target take more Kinetic damage after breaking its shield. Considering your Kinetic will probably be your Special ammo weapon, you can get a lot of benefit from this combination.

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That’s not the only reason to take the Ogma, though. Other possible unique combinations include Demolitionist and Wellspring, Demolitionist and One For All, and Stats for All with One For All. It also has access to Adrenaline Junkie if you need some more damage and Dragonfly for extra crowd control if you’re leaning more towards general use. Add in some solid stats across the board and you get an impressive Solar pulse rifle.

Father’s Sins: sometimes you need a Void 140rpm sniper

Father’s Sins is bringing in another competitor to the 140rpm sniper rifle pool, and this one has a Void element. Having a Father’s Sins on hand can be useful for Match Game activities since Void snipers aren’t as common as their Solar counterparts, and its perk pool and unique scope definitely help its case.

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As far as perks go, you can roll Triple Tap, Lead from Gold, No Distractions, or Field Prep in the first perk column. It doesn’t have access to Explosive Head or Vorpal Weapon, though, which weakens its case a bit, but it’s still a 140rpm sniper if you lean into that archetype. And if you don’t, the next one on the list can easily give it a run for its money.

Fugue-55: a 90rpm sniper with a stacked perk pool

Fugue-55 comes with a stacked perk pool and drops from any possible Legendary source. This means most players likely encountered a copy of Fugue-55 of their own by now, and if they used it or peeked at its perk pool, odds are they liked it. A 90rpm Void sniper rifle, Fugue-55 has access to some established rolls for snipers. For the first perk, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Lead from Gold, and Auto-Loading Holster are easily among the best for PvE, and that trifecta can be paired with Firing Line or Vorpal Weapon for extra damage. PvP players can also find No Distractions and Steady Hands in the first perk column paired with Snapshot Sights on the second, making it good enough to take into the Crucible.

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Perses-D: a Stasis 150rpm scout rifle for general use

Bungie has been introducing Stasis Legendaries for some time now, and The Witch Queen gave fans a fair bit of them in one go—including Perses-D, a 150rpm Kinetic scout rifle. Its Stasis element means it can roll Headstone, which gives it a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to crowd control. But that’s definitely not all: it can also roll Rapid Hit or Perpetual Motion paired with Vorpal Weapon, Explosive Payload, or One For All. This offers you plenty of avenues to boost its already-satisfying damage thanks to its archetype. If you want to take advantage of Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle while it lasts, Perses-D may struggle against Match Game modifiers. But that’s why the next item in the list exists

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Pointed Inquiry: for all your Match Game needs

As part of the 150rpm archetype, Pointed Inquiry can feel clumsier than most scout rifles if you’re not used to it. This Throne World scout rifle comes with a few tricks up its sleeve, though—namely the addition of Adaptative Munitions in the final column. This increases damage against non-matching shields, making it perfect for Match Game activities. You can pair it with Genesis to refill your magazine after breaking a shield, or Fourth Time’s The Charm and Stats for All for general use, with Shoot to Loot being a circumstantial yet useful perk if it fits your playstyle. If you want to take a scout into a Match Game activity, though, then this could just be the way to go.

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Syncopation-53: a loaded perk pool with Headstone in the mix

Much like Perses-D, Syncopation-53 can also roll a series of staple perks to its category, including Vorpal Weapon. Syncopation brings a few new perks, though, including Focused Fury and Headstone. Add to that Headseeker, Frenzy, or Rangefinder and you have an extremely solid pool. You can also pair those with Outlaw, Zen Moment, or Steady Hands. Rolling Headstone in a Pulse Rifle can be helpful for a category that can struggle with crowd control, and Vorpal Weapon can help you take down Champions when the time comes.

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Honorable mention: The Enigma

Glaives were one of the main selling points in The Witch Queen, and these versatile weapons can shoot, shield, and deal devastating melee attacks on opponents. The Enigma is the only glaive in the game so far, with another (possibly raid) glaive in the collection. But considering how easy it is to craft and the wide selection of perks, you can build it around for your playstyle, whether that’s maximum stabbing or a more tactical approach.

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