How to get The Hothead in Destiny 2?

Like Ascendancy, it can roll Explosive Light.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny veterans can spot a familiar weapon in Destiny 2. The Hothead made its way to the sequel during Season of the Lost, and it brought a few additions that make it a prime candidate for farming. The Hothead is one of the few weapons that can roll Explosive Light, a perk that boosts damage and blast radius by 25 percent after picking up Orbs of Power and stacks up to six times.

Although the seasonal weapon Ascendancy also comes with Explosive Light, The Hothead deals Arc damage (instead of Ascendancy’s Solar), making it a solid choice to farm for in case you need it for Match Game activities or if you just like the Hothead’s retro design.

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How to get The Hothead in Destiny 2?


Getting The Hothead in Destiny 2 is simple, though players can face a time-gate when actively hunting it down. The Hothead is part of the Nightfall weapon pool in Season of the Lost. This means players have to wait until it’s a designated reward from Nightfalls, and the reward pool rotates every week.

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In addition to a long wait until the Hothead is in rotation, the Nightfall loot pool for Season of the Lost includes two different weapons each week. This means that even if players get a Nightfall weapon, it may be the Hung Jury instead of The Hothead.

The addition of a second Nightfall Weapon to the pool muddies the waters a bit, and

The good news for players hungry for endgame content is that the Adept version of the Hothead will drop from Grandmaster Nightfalls in Season of the Lost, though it is also subject to the weekly rotation. Bungie also made it harder to choose specific Nightfalls by changing the Catch-Up Node. Instead, players who want to gild their Conqueror title can choose to redo a specific Strike once and get the rewards for that week, instead of the limitless runs that the old system allowed.

Seasonal Challenge: Vanguard Chosen

Players who don’t want to rely on Nightfall rotations can get a single copy of The Hothead through the week four Seasonal Challenge, Vanguard Chosen. It only requires players to complete three Nightfalls in Hero difficulty or higher, meaning that most players will likely get it done while they farm The Hothead, if not before actually getting a drop.

The rolls on the Hothead from the seasonal challenge are still randomized, however, so players will still require a fair share of luck to score a god roll for the Hothead. If the roll favors you, though, you can just stop farming it if you don’t want an Adept version.