How to get Risen Umbral Energy in Destiny 2

A valuable resource for valuable loot.

Image via Bungie

The Umbral Engram system introduced with Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals returns in Season of the Risen, functioning as your primary source for seasonal gear and high stat roll armor. While a number of options for focusing Umbral Engrams only require a handful of Legendary Shards, focused Umbral Engrams containing the seasonal gear need a new currency called Risen Umbral Energy to craft.

Risen Umbral Energy is mainly obtained through the PsiOps Battlegrounds seasonal activity. Upon a successful completion, players are rewarded with two chests. One of these requires 500 Psychogenic Intel to open and contains within it both Season of the Risen loot and Risen Umbral Energy. Each completion and chest opening appears to consistently give players two Risen Umbral Energy, enough to focus two general Tools of the Risen Umbral Engrams. Four Risen Umbral Energy will allow you to focus pieces of the seasonal armor more specifically, and nine can be used to focus a weapon.

If you want to vary the sources within Destiny 2 that you can acquire Risen Umbral Energy, a number of upgrades are available at the War Table in the H.E.L.M as well. In the Operational Upgrades section, Insight can be used to allow players to acquire Risen Umbral Energy from raids and dungeons. Some upgrades also allow you to complete side objectives within the PsiOps Battlegrounds activity for bonus Risen Umbral Energy in each run.

Acquisition in this first week of The Witch Queen is a process that requires grinding a lot of PsiOps Battlegrounds. But the War Table upgrades will make getting the currency faster as each week of Season of the Risen progresses and further Insight becomes available, allowing Guardians to farm rolls of Explosive Personality or Thoughtless to their hearts’ content.