How to get Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2

Tune your Compass.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s 15th season of content, Season of the Lost, is finally upon us Guardians as we move forward toward Year Five and the Witch Queen expansion just on the horizon. To get to that point in the story, Guardians will be tasked this season by aiding Queen Mara Sov in recovering her lost Techeuns from Ley Lines.

This means completing Astral Alignment Offensive activities and charging up your Wayfinder’s Compass that’s acquired at the end of the season’s prologue mission. You can upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass, and unlock an additional chest at the end of Astral Alignment by using Parallax Trajectory.

What is Parallax Trajectory and how can I get it?

Parallax Trajectory is coordinate data that is used to tune the Wayfinder’s Compass and triangulate the position of lost Techeuns. To collect large quantities of Parallax Trajectory, you need to collect Ascendant Anchors that appear in the open world. These anchors are left by Techeuns to stitch together Ley Lines between the Ascendant Plane and our plane of existence.

Image via Bungie

They appear as a purplish crystal with a beam of light sticking straight up. Each anchor rewards the Guardian who collects it with 30 Parallax Trajectory. Once you’ve collected enough Anchors, you can enter the Shattered Realms of the Ascendant Plane via the new area in the H.E.L.M.

In the Shattered Realm, follow the glowing orbs to find the beacons, then activate two beacons by defeating all the combatants in the area. Once that’s done, go to a third beacon to align the first two, then defeat the Corrupted Techeun that appears. After that, you can free the lost Techeun to complete the activity. While you’re in the Shattered Realm, you can collect more Ascendant Anchors that appear there.

You can also collect Parallax Trajectory from completing strikes, Gambit and Crucible matches, and defeating powerful enemies.