How to get Cold Front in Destiny 2’s Dawning event

No Dragonfly this year.

Screengrab via Bungie

Cold Front is back to Destiny 2‘s loot pool this Dawning, and it’s bringing in a few new perks. This festive submachine gun has become a staple of the Dawning in Destiny 2 and players can once again obtain it until Jan. 4.

Cold Front is coming with new perks this year. It can roll Perpetual Motion in the first column or Harmony on the second, in addition to the usual perks such as Surplus or Swashbuckler. Lucky players could have gotten a unique (yet odd and barely functional) roll with Dragonfly for a brief period last year, though that occurrence was clearly a mistake. Cold Front is a Kinetic weapon without an element and Dragonfly causes an elemental explosion based on the weapon’s element. Bungie quickly patched the mistaken perk last year and the developers took it out for good this time.

Here’s how to get Cold Front if you want to see how the new perks like Harmony and Perpetual Motion behave on Cold Front, or if you’re just looking for a better roll.

How to get Cold Front in Destiny 2’s Dawning

Cold Front can drop randomly from gifts you receive by delivering cookies to NPCs. Though last year, all guardians could do was hoard gifts and cross their fingers, Bungie gave fans another option this year. By finishing The Pigeon Provides Dawning quest, players can unlock a type of focusing that guarantees any Gift will award either a Cold Front or a Zephyr. Although there is still some RNG involved, this new system provides a better chance of getting a specific weapon, provided you have the Dawning Spirit to keep it up. It costs five Dawning Spirit (and a Gift in Return) per focus, and the bills can quickly stack up.