How to fix CAT Error in Destiny 2

This error isn't in your Destiny.

Image via Bungie

Running into a pesky error like the CAT as you’re getting ready to play Destiny 2 may not even something most players are expecting. Though developers try to offer a smooth and bug-free experience to all the players, there will be times when unexpected errors will arise and make it difficult for people to log in to Destiny 2.

The CAT error is nothing serious, however, and it’s one of the easiest errors to fix. Getting rid of this error only takes a few seconds since it only appears when there’s a new patch waiting to be installed.

If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 for a while, the developers may have rolled out an update patch in the background. After receiving the CAT error, you’ll need to exit out of the game and check to see if you have an update waiting to be installed.

Checking for updates will be different for each gaming platform. In general, a Destiny 2 update should automatically start downloading itself as you exit out of the game and you’ll be able to get back in once the update finishes installing.

The installation period will depend on your internet speed. If the update happens to be a rather large one, you may need to wait more than a few minutes to install it completely.