Greasy Luck god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Is it a glaive or an oversized harpoon launcher?

The Greasy Luck legendary glaive in the main menu in Destiny 2.
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There is no shortage of weapons to acquire in Destiny 2, but as new seasons and activities are released, Bungie continues to add new designs for players to add to their ever-growing armory. Season of the Deep’s newest dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, introduces one such new glaive—Greasy Luck. This Solar Legendary glaive resembles an oversized harpoon launcher, keeping in theme with the underwater motif of the season.

As a rapid-fire glaive, guardians will be able to put plenty of shots down range with Greasy Luck, but its Origin Trait arguably suits a more aggressive style. Restoration Ritual grants a full reload of the glaive when reviving allies or finishing enemies, and readies an emergency reload the next time the weapon runs out of ammo.

Here are our recommendations for the Greasy Luck god roll and perks.

How to get the Greasy Luck glaive in Destiny 2

The full collection of weapons available via the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2.
The Greasy Luck glaive (bottom) is one of four Legendary weapons available from the dungeon. Image via Bungie

The Greasy Luck Legendary glaive can drop at random from the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, released during Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep in May 2023.

Unfortunately, Greasy Luck does not drop from the dungeon’s first encounter. For those wanting to farm the glaive, you’ll have to take down Ecthar or Simmumah ur-Nokru. Ideally, try and pick up a checkpoint for Ecthar, which has a limited item drop list compared to the final boss, Simmumah ur-Nokru.

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Greasy Luck PvE god roll in Destiny 2

  • Haft: Auxillary Reserves
  • Magazine: Extended Mag or Swap Mag
  • First perk: Replenishing Aegis
  • Second perk: Incandescent

The ideal playstyle with this glaive will require a combination of blocking and firing, so we’ll be looking to boost our shield’s power with Auxillary Reserves. As Replenishing Aegis reloads the weapon while blocking, reload speed isn’t a crucial stat here, so adding extra rounds via Extended Mag will be the most ideal perk. If you’re looking at completing higher-difficulty content and need to switch to the glaive for an emergency damage block, I recommend Swap Mag just for the extra swap speed to help get the shield up immediately.

This is the first glaive to feature the Incandescent perk since Season of the Seraph’s Judgement of Kelgorath, which saw widespread usage with any Solar Guardian build regardless of the subclass. As such, it combos well with any aspect or fragment requiring Scorch or Ignite bonuses and can very quickly spawn Firesprites, which have added benefits alongside your artifact tree this season.

For those looking to get up close and personal, Close to Melee remains a viable option for the 30 percent damage boost to the weapon’s melee after a projectile kill. Those in melee range will likely be using their finisher too, working in tandem with the weapon’s Origin Trait, Restoration Ritual.

Greasy Luck is also viable in a Strand Tangle build via the Collective Action perk, but it’s definitely at its most powerful when paired with Solar classes.

Greasy Luck PvP god roll in Destiny 2

  • Haft: Ballistic Tuning
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • First perk: Killing Wind
  • Second perk: Opening Shot

Glaives are a bit of a rarity in PvP in Destiny 2, so you can certainly catch opponents off guard with a decently-rolled glaive—and Greasy Luck fortunately comes with a great selection of perks for this.

The combination of Ballistic Tuning and Accuirized Rounds will boost the glaive’s range stat to a whopping 77 even before adding a Range Masterwork, meaning targets at medium range are well within the glaive’s reach.

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The drawback will be a heavily mitigated shield, only really effective for blocking a single shot, but you’ll be too busy putting multiple shots down range given Greasy Luck’s intrinsic rapid-fire archetype. Chaining kills back-to-back with Killing Wind will make for a much more consistent follow-up, just be careful about running dry on ammo.

The glaive is finished off with Opening Shot for a little aim assistance on the first shot, but if you feel like you’ve got a good eye, try out Unstoppable Force or Close to Melee for a beneficial damage boost between the short block or after a projectile kill.

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