Destiny’s 2 latest update appears to have broken a ton of things—and players aren’t happy

The most problematic enemy in the galaxy? Bugs.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Neomuna Terminal Overload Minotaur
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Destiny 2’s midseason update may have created more problems than it fixed, if player reaction is anything to go by.

Now with almost a full day of playtime, Destiny 2 players are starting to notice quite a bit of new bugs and issues that have arrived with yesterday’s update. And the list seems to be growing by the hour.

Player reports are coming in from across the spectrum, but Forbes writer Paul Tassi has created a running list of issues with the update that have appeared since yesterday.

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The bugs run the gamut of problems, everything from grenade mods not working, Raid banners not working, crashes in certain activities, loot not dropping from certain encounters, and even issues with the game’s audio.

Guardians everywhere have been chiming in about their disdain for the update, which is just the latest in a long line that brings new bugs to replace the ones that the patch only just fixed.

“Constant downtimes, bugs and crashes,” the original poster of a new thread on Reddit said. “Almost every week there is a server issue. They even did a rollback a while ago. Systems which were shipped almost without testing, patches over patches which create even more issues. It is rather embarrassing for a multimillion company to have player thinking: ‘Oh, a teleport I hope it does not crash or kill me when I use it.'”

The Reddit thread is one of the most popular posts from today on the Destiny subreddit, with more than 600 comments and growing, filled with players who are upset yet not surprised with the arrival of new bugs.

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Here’s the list of new issues since yesterday’s update, compiled by Forbes:

  • Grenade mods do not appear to work with Strand grapple anymore (unclear if intentional).
  • Thread of Generation appears to be either nerfed or broken.
  • The Firepower and possibly Reaper mods do not spawn orbs anymore.
  • You cannot double or triple dip the Overload chest anymore (likely stealth nerfed).
  • Players are now earning Guardian Games medal triumphs when Guardian Games is not live. This may contribute to titles flashing with nothing to collect.
  • The Guardian Games statue in the Tower now says Hunters won last year (Warlocks did).
  • The easy-to-access laser ball has been removed from Heist Battlegrounds on all difficulties.
  • The IKELOS SMG nerf may not have happened at all.
  • The final step of the Retribution quest to collect Amanda Holliday’s ship is bugged if you already got the ship from resetting the seasonal vendor. It was supposed to drop a Ghost, not the ship, and now you can’t finish the quest.
  • Some players are experiencing extreme audio issues.
  • People were getting penalties for leaving Crucible or Gambit games when they weren’t (this has already been fixed).
  • Loot is not dropping from some raid encounter completions (they may go to postmaster)
  • Ashes to Assets may be bugged or nerfed.
  • There may be problems with Resilience.
  • Raid banners aren’t working.
  • Grenades may not be generating Firesprites.
  • Radiant weapons aren’t stunning barrier champions.
  • Battleground chests not giving loot or accepting keys sometimes.
  • King’s Fall crashing or disconnecting players.
  • Some gilded titles may have been lost or reset.

Although Bungie’s Help Twitter account is full of acknowledgments of bugs from yesterday’s update, this new list is mounting, and many of them have not been addressed yet by the developer.

Update at 3:23pm CT on April 19: Bungie has posted a Twitter thread containing some updated patch notes that were “missed,” and it includes some of the above errors as intended changes.


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