Destiny 2 is disabling all crafted weapons to battle game-breaking bug

The curtain call approaches on this horror show.

A Guardian is standing in front of Destiny 2's Enclave station. They are holding a fragment of a metal pole in one hand.
Image via Bungie

Igneous Hammer made its triumphant return as the reward for Trials of Osiris on Friday in Destiny 2, only for the spotlight to get swiftly usurped by a new weapon crafting bug going viral. However, this was no ordinary glitch—players were able to place entirely unintended perks on different legendary weapons, leading to the creation of some of the most broken guns that Destiny has ever seen.

Despite Bungie’s initial greenlight for players to ‘have fun’ with the game-breaking issue, a fix is not yet available. In an update posted on social media today, Bungie Help announced that they would soon be disabling the ability for players to equip any crafted guns whatsoever while they tackle the issue. This update is server-side, and they plan to deploy it into Destiny 2 at some point within the next 24 hours.

Despite a rollback predicted by the majority of the playerbase—especially with raid and dungeon bosses getting melted in mere seconds with some of these crafted weapons—Bungie has ruled it out, according to the post.

The first update going live tomorrow is the first of two, with the second update addressing the bug itself rather than just disabling crafted guns entirely. That second fix doesn’t have an estimated release window, but it will reset any guns forged with “illegal” components to their default states and allow Guardians to re-equip their usual gear.

“We’ve loved seeing all the fun clips of the shenanigans,” the team said in a follow-up post on the Destiny 2 Team account. “That being said, our priority must be to ensure the health of the game.”

It’s the second of such major bugs to have afflicted Destiny 2 during Season of the Witch, with the first having affected the first Iron Banner weekend of the season only last week. In that instance, players discovered that Sparrows could be summoned on the new Multiplex PvP map in Iron Banner matches specifically, leading to chaotic battles for control of lanes with an unexpected sprinkling of vehicular warfare. Like with this crafting issue, Bungie held off on fixing it right away to let players have fun with the unintentional mayhem.

The exact timing for the first fix is still unavailable. However, that means it’s best to make the most out of the bugged weapons now while you still have the chance. Your double Eager Edge swords and your Ammit Ar2-equipped with Aggressive Frame shotgun shells could be stripped away from you at any moment.

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