Destiny 2 is brought offline after patch takes away Titles and Triumphs of many players

Not a trade players wanted to make for the removal of blue drops.

Image via Bungie

With a major hotfix releasing today that included both significant balance changes to a variety of weapons and the long-awaited removal of blue drops for players above the necessary Power cap, it looked like a perfect time to hop into Destiny 2.

Instead, all was not well with the released patch, and many players logged in to find that a large number of their Triumphs had been unintentionally reset. Less than a few hours after the update went live, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 has been brought offline for maintenance while it tries to fix the issue.

Not only did this bug mean losing progress on some of the game’s most challenging tasks, but for many, also losing hard-earned Seal completions along with their Titles. A flood of posts hit social media, with the Destiny subreddits being inundated by posts of players screengrabbing their previously completed Seals such as Rivensbane or Enlightened now only having half of the required Triumphs completed.

The progress reset seems to have hit every player differently, with some only minorly impacted with a few insignificant Triumphs. But for those who now have incomplete Seals or have lost progress on a Triumph they were currently working on such as the Dreaming City’s Corrupted Eggs, they will be hoping that Bungie can find a quick fix that reinstates the achievements they held prior to the update launch.

The tweet from Bungie Help announcing the team’s active investigation into the problem mentions further reports of players losing progress on their Exotic weapon Catalysts as well. It’s no doubt a frustrating side effect to an update the community was otherwise excited for, but players will have to wait just a little bit longer for the auto-dismantling of blue drops and the death knell for some of the Crucible’s most powerful Exotic picks.